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Yeasts, Enzymes & Fining Agents
The major global producer of wine yeast, bacteria and enzymes, Lallemand’s innovative approach and leading edge technology delivers products whose performance can be relied upon by winemakers to achieve their stylistic goals.
“Drifine is purified isinglass, prehydrolysed and freeze dried to yield a product with the unique combination of optimum dissolving and performance characteristics. Drifine is added to wine after fermentation to clarify by settling yeast and to modify the organoleptic balance of the wine.”

“Sud-Chemie makes a range of highly purified and active bentonites that efficiently remove protein while minimising the organoleptic impact on the wine.”

Colloidal Silica:
“Nalco 1072 Colloidal Silica is a highly effective, neutral impact fining agent that can be used for counterfining with protein finings to speed up precipitation and enhance clarity.”

“Polyclar© V is a PVPP wine stabiliser that provides effective and highly selective reduction of polyphenols that cause oxidative discolouration, haze, or loss of fresh aroma and flavour characteristics.